Alfa Romeo shows off the MiTo GTA Concept 2009

Posted on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 , 11:02:23 byEmil

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Alfa Romeo shows off the MiTo GTA Concept 2009

Alfa Romeo just revealed the official MiTo GTA details (Gran Turismo Alleggerito) Concept which will make the world debut at the Motor Show in Geneva.

'Alleggerito' in GTA mean 'lightened', Alfa put in order all the small details, making sure everything is under control. Carbon fiber is used for tailgate spoiler, roof and side mirrors. A few steel bits on the braking system, the suspension and some chassis parts were replaced – putting aluminum. All of this gives the auto what Alfa says is a power on weight ratio in-line for its sports vehicles.

The MiTo GTA runs with a 1.75-liter turbo engine delivering 240 hp. Alfa affirms that with this technology like direct gasoline injection, the dual VVT (meaning variable valve timing), revolutionary management system and turbo charging, the engine is performing like 1 almost twice the size (3.0-liters).

Labeled as concept auto, the MiTo GTA production shouldn't have much modified by the time it comes in the showrooms in Europe - this summer. MiTo GTA Concept is maximizing the pleasure of driving by virtue of that innovative, exciting new dashboard display, that gives you the sensation of having it all, controlling a genuine, fabulous competition auto.