Carlsson presents the brand new REVO wheels

Posted on Tuesday, 24 February 2009 , 12:02:40 byEmil

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Carlsson presents the brand new REVO wheels

The German Mercedes tuners, Carlsson have released the 1/5 REVO wheel, that's for the whole Benz line. Its wheels are the split spoke design that's finished in a mix of a reflective surface, then a matte black spoke making it an extremely aggressive design, on the black Benz especially.

The wheels are found in sizes from 19x8.5 - 20x10.5 inches - an amazing staggered fitment. About 475 Euros (600 USD) it will take upgrading 1 corner of a car to the brand new REVO style. Due to some extensive fitments amount expect to see all these wheels on... just about everything from the SMART to the S Class in the future.

Carlsson reaches new grounds. With 1/5 REVO wheel, the Mercedes presents this revolutionary design having an aggressive strategy on pricing. Beginning at 475 euros, this including VAT, this''s an unique commitment to a rare price-performance ratio.

Double spokes with some rigid color contrast on matt black plus gloss-turned silver. This drawn design that's from the struts to the rim leaves a powerful impression in the consequent appearance.
The Carlsson 1/5 REVO quality is as uncompromising like it's the design. The wheel is created for highest requirements, extremely light and enormously resilient.

1/5 REVO sizes: 8.5x19, 9.5x19, 8.5x20 plus 10.5x20 inches. A registration- operating free assessment is of course included in the delivery scope for Mercedes units B (T 245), CLC Sport coupé (CL 203), C (W/S 204), SLK (R 171), CLK (C/A 209), CLS (C 219), E (W/S 211 / W 211AMG), S (W 221), SL (R 230) and CL (C 216).