HKS shows their new CZ200S time attack competitor

Posted on Friday, 27 February 2009 , 17:02:20 byEmil

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HKS shows their new CZ200S time attack competitor

In never ending HKS quest for attack dominance has prepared some special Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution version. This Evo X unit been renamed: CZ200S plus is the purpose made time attack machine. So, this time attack auto has 1 purpose only: complete one single lap going around a circuit that's faster than other competitors.

This here, is the latest attempt of HKS at conquering time attack with an Evo auto. Originally this TRB-02 unit was a carbon fiber bare bodied Lancer Evolution VIII from Mitsubishi. The auto was successfully campaigned up until an incident occurred, catastrophically, while running in Japan on the Tskuba Circuit.

The whole vehicle was remade and repainted – a new red scheme. So, the CT230R beast was born, and having Nobutero Taniguchi - Japanese race driver (NOB or No One Better) the auto was capable to lap in less than 1 minute on Tskuba Circuit plus competed in big success around the world in Time Attack events.

HKS - a forward thinking firm and knew that for keeping up with all the market out there, they needed a new vehicle, a new development. Mitsubishi Evo model was chosen like in the past; HKS hopes on using the CZ200S like an test car R&D besides being what it is - a time attack car it will become a benchmark for every Evos unit. The CZ200S already has attained a 59.495 seconds time at the Tskuba Circuit plus the HKS team didn't see any reason why it can not go any faster.