JE Zulu SuperDefender model based on Land Rover Defender

Posted on Saturday, 28 February 2009 , 11:02:04 byEmil

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JE Zulu SuperDefender model based on Land Rover Defender

JE Engineering, the specialists from English Land Rover have just unveiled their newest outrageous concept in these hard times. It's based on Land Rover Defender (classic), the 'Zulu' unit is a supercharged 460 HP monster with enough protection bumper to take on even a hippopotamus plus enough clearance ground for overcoming anything in the way.

So, while the rest of the motor industry in UK reels under the global financial decline and Government dithering, the Coventry Land Rover specialists, JE Engineering, have debuted their newest outrageous, fabulous beast, "Zulu," the 460 hp supercharged based on the Defender! Having up-rated suspension, immense disc brakes AP Racing and proof transmission NASCAR complementing the great power, the "Zulu" model is like no other, unique Defender you ever saw on Lode Lane driving! Madness? Not exactly, as Colin Musgrove, the Head of Communications at JE says:

'The technical ingenuity and craftsmanship of the English Midlands is legendary. For over 30 years JE have flown the flag for that heritage in Coventry, the cradle of the British Motor Industry. The "Zulu" illustrates what we can do to promote British Motor Engineering, even in the face of world recession. Yes, the Supercharged "Zulu" is outrageous! Yes, they are intended primarily as extreme fun vehicles to draw attention to the fact that JE and others like us can and will continue to keep alive the proud traditions of British engineering. However, the "Zulu" is the precursor of diesel and hybrid versions which are intended for fast-response vehicles in extreme terrain. So you see, the "Zulu" has a great deal of method in its madness!'