Porsche presents the 2009 RS Spyder

Posted on Saturday, 28 February 2009 , 12:02:59 byEmil

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Porsche presents the 2009 RS Spyder

Audi has the in LMP1 class racing endurance domination apparently with autos like the brand new R15 TDI, but its soon-to-be parent corporate has quite a stranglehold on LMP2 department. Porsche hasn't any intention of letting the grip slip soon, so it is presented the RS Spyder doing battle in June at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

This RS Spyder will be using the same V8 3.4-liter engine, but now because of the air restrictors, its power is down around 25 hp to 440 hp. So, LMP2 is a class catering usually to private racing teams; piloting the RS Spyder units in 2009 is the Japanese NAVI Team Goh and the Essex squad that's from Denmark. Emmanuel Collard (37) is joining Casper Elgaard (Denmark, 30) plus Kristian Poulsen (Denmark, 33) driving for Essex team. This squad, who is 2nd place on the LMP2 classification - 24 hour event last year, will be racing Michelin tyres now for the 1st time. Both squads will be conducting tests at the 2nd round the Le Mans Series on 10 May in Spa.

'I’m very pleased that, with Goh and Essex, we have two highly professional customer teams contesting Le Mans with a Porsche RS Spyder' says Hartmut Kristen - Porsche’s Head of Motorsport. 'Setting the quickest lap times of all LMP2 cars last year, the vehicle underlined its reliability and had the best efficiency of all participating sports prototypes. We have modified the cars to comply with the new technical regulations and I’m sure that both RS Spyder will again be very competitive in the LMP2 class.'