Ford February sales down forty percent

Posted on Sunday, 1 March 2009 , 07:03:47 byEmil

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Ford February sales down forty percent

February is over and Ford Motor Company's George Pipas - sales analyst, predicts that sales of the industry-wide will be down around 40 % over previous year’s figures in America. Pipas said also that, for the 1st time in 5 months, he does not expect that Ford would have raised the market share.

'This will be the first month in five that Ford’s market share falls' Pipas affirmed in an interview for Detroit Free Press. 'We had four months in which our share of the retail market was 13% or higher'.

The month of February was really the strongest month ever for new auto sales last year in the United States, meaning that the drops this month might not be much trouble as the expected percentages to be next week reported will indicate - no matter what, it won’t be a very good sign for the car industry. 'This could be the toughest monthly comparison for the industry this year' Pipas reported to the paper.