Vauxhall debutes Astra and Corsa VX Racing Editions

Posted on Monday, 2 March 2009 , 06:03:28 byEmil

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Vauxhall debutes Astra and Corsa VX Racing Editions

General Motors divisions in Europe are hanging in balance essentially, Vauxhall announced the debut of 2 limited edition units. Based on Vauxhall Astra and Corsa, the special cars are intended for commemorating the success of VX Racing in the British Touring Car Championship 2008.

Called the VX Racing Editions Corsa and Astra, only a mixed 888 example units will be made – a number referring to Triple Eight Engineers, that company that made the VX Racing Cars of Vauxhall. As VX Racing Edition models are intended to be celebrating the success of Vauxhall in BTCC, both autos will have a racing-inspired theme decided. Outside, these both vehicles will present a red and black job painting, black accents, rare wheels (18 inch - Corsa and 19 inch - Astra) plus badges VX Racing.

The cars interior will continue this race theme, having leather racing Recaro seats and black piano accents. Those of you opting for VX Racing wrap will be also given some discounts on accessories and parts from Vauxhall Performance Centre – like £275 off a Remus power-boosting system of exhaust. Vauxhall already has begun accepting VX Racing units orders, with a Corsa variant listing down from £17,425.00 plus Astra - £21,445.