Audi presents the TT RS 2010

Posted on Tuesday, 3 March 2009 , 15:03:56 byEmil

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Audi presents the TT RS 2010

Audi unveiled at the Motor Show at Geneva the strongest TT variant ever: TT-RS, on both Roadster and coupe variants. Audi TT RS sales start in March; all the scheduled deliveries will begin in the summer.

The RS unit distinguishes from all the rest of that TT line having larger air vents in front, alloy wheels twin-spoked, some fixed wing on back plus a brand new rear diffuser. Audi placed under the hood a 2.5-liter engine turbocharged having direct gasoline injection making 340 bhp plus 331.90 lb.-ft. torque. The TT RS Coupé model makes the zero to one hundred km/h run (0 to 62.14 mph) in only 4.6 seconds; the Roadster unit needs only a 10th of a second over. Top speed has the 250 km/h (155.34 mph) limit, but it's able to raised to 280 km/h (meaning 173.98 mph).

The Audi TT RS auto is the 1st classic sports vehicle in the family of Audi RS. Like the RS 6 and the RS 4, the TT RS from Audi was created by quattro GmbH like a pure, with no-holds-barred amazing driving machine. An all-new manual 6-speed transmission conveys the tremendous strength of the engine, permitting precise and easy operation, this thanks to the specially styled lever boasting shift particularly short travel. These defining characteristics of the transmission are quite high efficiency ratio plus a sportingly close spread of those gear ratios.