2009 Infiniti Essence details

Posted on Tuesday, 3 March 2009 , 17:03:23 byEmil

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2009 Infiniti Essence details

Essence, concept just now unveiled by Infiniti at the Motor Show in Geneva was build to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company, but to give an idea also of the brand's near future.

Designed with Louis Vuitton's help, the Essence beauty is a RWD unit, presenting a dramatic design, performance and technology statement: 592 hp hybrid petrol-electric engine.

This hybrid system - a 0-emissions one - mixes an electric motor with a petrol engine. These can work together or independently like a hybrid “parallel” system. When all the traffic clears, the Essence responds having a highway performance which few autos could match. So, in 'power assist' mode the complete 592 hp is then unleashed on both electric and petrol power together.

The 3.7-litre petrol engine V6 gasoline is fitted having twin turbochargers delivering 434 hp; the electric motor, named 3D Motor is delivering 158 hp. 'An Essence owner is characterized by his or her fearless self confidence; he or she is an intellectual hero rather than just a successful money maker.' said Francois Bancon, the General Manager Advanced Product Planning. 'Essence is a brand icon. It is driven more by a conceptual approach than by any design execution. It is not just an object. It isn’t a teaser for a new model. It is solely dedicated to Infiniti brand promotion, to demonstrate and advocate the Infiniti unique values. These consumers don‘t need to demonstrate to others. They are already at the next step of achievement that leads to rewarding themselves first. We wanted a new way of mixing various ingredients to get a car that was reserved but with a big presence, something trendy but also indicating the next trend. We wanted a car that aspired to become a cult. It had to be exclusive, smart and mysterious. For the driver, it had to sum up the six-word essence of Essence: Everything I want, nothing I don’t.

'Detailed artistic expression and the rich warmth of the human hand go far beyond mechanical precision' affirmed Shiro Nakamura, the Senior Vice President of Design.

'Infiniti’s performance feel has been captured as natural dynamism, like energy rising from within' said Francois Bancon.`