Peugeot 3008 is coming, marque`s 1st-ever hybrid

Posted on Wednesday, 4 March 2009 , 10:03:38 byEmil

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Peugeot 3008 is coming, marque`s 1st-ever hybrid

The latest crossover from Peugeot, the 3008 unit, was officially debuted by the French carmaker just now at the Motor Show in Geneva. Based on 308, this 3008 has a unique, rare space-efficient inside / out style - and it will be the home to the first-ever powertrain hybrid from Peugeot, expected to come in about one year.

At around 171 inches with overall length (4,365 mm), this 3008 MPV model will rival with vehicles like the Volkswagen Touran and Seat Altea Freetrack. The 6 available diesel and gas engines area from 1.6-liter gas motor having 120-horspower to a four-cylinder 2.0-liter HDi diesel - 163-horsepower. This hybrid powertrain unit is a 2.0-liter HDi 4-cylinder presenting an output of 163-horsepower fitted to an electric motor 37-horsepower. Peugeot affirms consumption now is down at 4.1 liters - 100 km plus 109 g/km CO2 emissions.

The 3008 is getting an quite sporty wrapped around dash featuring toggle-style switches which could just have come out from a sports auto. Flexibility interior is a plus, this thanks to the configurable seats on rear. The 3008 model is based on the 308 (more conventional) and will be later this year available having all-wheel or front- drive when it's debuted. This Hybrid variant will come about 1 year from the present time as a 2011 unit.