Premier4509 presents the new Bentley Continental

Posted on Thursday, 12 March 2009 , 12:03:40 byEmil

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Premier4509 presents the new Bentley Continental

The Premier4509 model is Japanese, it's based subsidiary of the tuners Veilside - worldwide renowned. They launched recently a 300 aero packages limited edition of the update - aging exterior of the Continental by Bentley giving the auto a much more powerful, aggressive stance. Having each kit set the car owner will be receiving a uniquely serial numbered plate plus a framed authenticity certificate.

'The design is similar to our exclusive wide body package launched in 2008', said firm president, H. Yokomaku. 'The response to the wide body package has been over whelming and there is a large demand to debut a non-wide version. We didn’t want to do an exact replica of the wide body version, so we have made some changes to differentiate the two designs.'

The limited edition 300 Bentley sets are now available worldwide. And each set includes a serial plate uniquely numbered that will be framed having a ownership certificate. Available also with this set is the option of collecting the limited edition Premier4509 forged aluminum-alloy 3 piece wheels, shown on the car.

Premier4509TM unit is based in Japan - Tskuba, with Paramount offices, California. The Premier4509 is the brand created and developed by VeilSide, an automotive performance Japanese company, specialized in automotive, including aero design, luxury-performance wheels and hard parts. The firm owns 2 world records for race as well as a few design awards from that Auto Salon in Tokyo.