European Commission, GM to meet

Posted on Thursday, 12 March 2009 , 08:03:44 byEmil

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European Commission, GM to meet

Friday, the General Motors representatives plus the European Commission ones will be gathering at an informal EC-sponsored meeting for discussing the outlook for the carmaker’s European operations. Economy and industry leaders taken from all 27 countries of European Union are invited to this meeting; it’s expected that all countries with General Motors plants will participate at this gathering.

'We have invited for next Friday the highest representatives from General Motors Europe and Detroit. We hope that the Chief Operating Officer from Detroit will be coming' Ton van Lierop - EC spokesman affirmed at a Brussels news briefing.

It’s expected also that the gathering here will be serving as an European Commission update on the the administration of Obama - car industry crisis force task, that was in Detroit just now to talk with GM and Chrysler.

The EC - GM meeting will be discussing the future of both General Motors’s German model, Opel, and its unit from Sweden, Saab. General Motors affirmed it intends on divesting itself of Saab totally and mostly from Opel, but you see, the EC is concern that General Motors would not set up sufficiently either firm for success made independently.