Lotus Evora Convertible arrives in 2011

Posted on Friday, 13 March 2009 , 03:03:57 byEmil

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Lotus Evora Convertible arrives in 2011

A real British Sports auto is without roof. So now when Lotus has debuted the Evora production version at the Motor show in Geneva and has announced even the European pricing, so now it’s time for some unit variations.

There are rumors, for a time now, of a convertible Evora and it seems to be still on track for the year 2011. This open top variant will employ likely a similar fabric to the Elise's roof, that would make a targa roof, not a complete convertible unit.

Although its chassis was created to function with no roof, this will take some years to debut the fabric-top unit because first Lotus has to roll the hard top ammunition for the markets of the world. The deliveries in Europe will start in May, plus America will have now to wait until... 2010.

Once it’s done, Lotus will add likely an Evora SC unit to its lineup. This will be taking the Toyota-sourced V6 3.5-liter from 276 hp right to a supercharged 4 hundred hp.