The story of Insecta design for Lamborghini

Posted on Monday, 16 March 2009 , 15:03:34 byEmil

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The story of Insecta design for Lamborghini

We don't like usually to post some unofficial designs - a little more over dreams of persons who uses CAD soft, but this is a bit different. Rather than build an outrageous design - not working on today’s streets, Iulian Bumbu made now a gorgeous Lamborghini. There is nothing wrong here.

Lamborghini Insecta concept model was designed by a 28 years-old designer from Romania - Iulian Bumbu that received(2007-2008) a Master Diploma from Scuola Politecnica di Design Milano in Car Design.

The auto is a mid-engined 2-seater supercar having a design inspired by exoskeletons insect. The designer says: 'The idea was to create an extreme race-oriented supercar with a style that introduces softer and more organic lines and integrate them into the geometrical style of Lamborghini. I tried to apply this type of organic movements and translate them into Lamborghini’s style so that when you see the car, you can immediately recognize it as a Lambo.'

Insecta with 4,300 mm length (same as Gallardo), has 1,000 mm height and a 2,000 mm width. The auto is carbon-fiber made and under its hood is exactly the same engine like the Gallardo unit.