Official details about Mercedes SLS AMG

Posted on Monday, 16 March 2009 , 13:03:59 byEmil

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Official details about Mercedes SLS AMG

The gull wing 300 SL of the 1950’s is 1 of the most recognizable pieces from Mercedes; in large part this is due to the unique style in which its doors open. Hinged at the top including a roof section when it's opened that gull wing is resembling a bird having outstretched wings. This was done, at the time, not to be disturbing the tubular space frame of the SL that placed big steel tubes on its sides of the passenger and driver.

For the upgraded SLS AMG their basic V8 6.3 liter having reinforced bearings, forged pistons, a brand new intake design plus unique headers for that application. The efforts raised up its output from 503 HP on the basic 6.3 liter V8 AMG and 525 HP for the CL and the S Class AMG heavier units to make 571 HP for the gull wing SLS super auto. The engine has also a dry lubrication sump system allowing the engine to be therefore placed further back and lower in the engine, this because there's no oil pan, it bring the weight to some more centralized area in the chassis, helping the AMG engineers achieve an almost 50/50 distribution of weight.

A curb weight under 3575 lbs (1620 kg) this means that all the horsepower made by the V8 unit has to push around 6.25 pounds gullwing, allowing the super auto accelerating to 60 MPH (100 km/h) in just 3.8 seconds on the way to a 195 MPH top speed. Thanks to the light weight construction of the vehicle and efficient performance engine this SLS AMG model should return a 18 MPG (very reasonable) when it's debuted in 2010.