Camaro 2010 - 29 MPG highway rated

Posted on Wednesday, 18 March 2009 , 08:03:57 byEmil

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Camaro 2010 - 29 MPG highway rated

The 2010 Camaro has already impressive numbers of pre-sale, but that's generated mostly by the enthusiasts. Now, Chevrolet wants to make sure the mainstream customers will take a look also at the Camaro, so it is no surprise the final press release from GM not mentions performance only, but it has also a healthy dose on the economy of fuel.

The most impressive figures are always those of the highway. The LS and LT units with the V6 304 hp 3.6-liter gets 29 MPG, and Camaro SS having the 422 hp V8 6.2-liter getting on the highway 25 MPG. That is good for the decent size engines, plus the city numbers for the V8 and V6 are 16 and 18 MPG. All figures features automatic transmission modes, because no matter how we adore rowing hard our own transmission, the muscle vehicles are purchased usually having automatics.

The 2010 Camaro's performance delivers on some unexpected ways. The advanced V6 3.6L direct-injected with valve timing (variable) is basic on LS and LT auto. It offers efficiency and power, having 304 horsepower (227 kW) plus in highway driving - EPA-rated 29 mpg.

The Camaro SS performance-oriented is offering a pair of V8 6.2Ls, including 1 having Active Fuel Management helping improve the economy of fuel by shutting down 4 cylinders during s light-load conditions of driving. That unit delivers in EPA-rated highway 25 mpg economy of fuel.