2009 Aussie - Jaguar XK-S

Posted on Wednesday, 18 March 2009 , 16:03:25 byEmil

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2009 Aussie - Jaguar XK-S

Jaguar clears out the last 2009 XK in Australia featuring a special edition. It's named the XK-S, it's no like the XKR-S from last summer. Where the XKR-S - Europe-only was a Jag supercharged having an amazing handling wrap, the XK-S unit for Australia is an appearance package basically.

This Jag has alloy wheels - 20-inch Senta, luxury sports inside, brushed gear aluminum knob, bright finish pedals, plus exterior enhancements. A basic 2009 XK engine, V8 4.2-liter making around about 300 hp. A good engine, probably we'll wait for the 385 hp 5.0-liter upgraded V8 that is announced already for the 2010 unit.

The production is limited to 9 models, meaning this vehicle will be exclusive at least. This is good considering each unit has an asking cost of around 138,000 U.S.D. (209,400 Dollars in Aussie money).

General Manager of Jaguar Australia of Chris Lidis said: 'We are very pleased to be able to offer Jaguar customers the Jaguar XK-S. The specification is quite unique, and very exclusive. It combines outstanding performance and dramatic beauty with individual touches of craftsmanship and equipment that lift it to another level'.