BMW Alpina D3 debuted in UK

Posted on Friday, 20 March 2009 , 07:03:35 byEmil

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BMW Alpina D3 debuted in UK

ALPINA - BMW tuners have created a sedan successor to the D3 Bi-turbo coupe (quite acclaimed). Aside from the interior/exterior typical treatments taken from these luxurious tuners, ALPINA starts the process, it removes the 4 cylinder turbocharged engine from a 123d by BMW transplanting it into a 3 series sedan full size. The 2.0 liter tweaked engine produces 214 HP maximum output, generating even more horsepower on liter than other ALPINA road auto. The car accelerates to 60 MPH (100 km/h) in just 6.9 seconds on the way to 152 MPH top speed, while returning about 50 MPG.

So, if you still do not believe in its diesel performance? Check out the D3 clip and a Donnington Park racetrack 330 lapping in the heart of the amazing... Great Britain.

152 mph plus 0-62 mph in only 6.9 secs; the official consumption of fuel and emission numbers are a different story, here: 52.3 mpg (overall EU) plus 143 g/km (the manual gearbox variant). John Quigley, the Managing Director of ALPINA GB affirmed: 'The previous model D3 was one of our most successful cars ever. We believe we really hit the spot in terms of performance, exclusivity and price. But the new car is even better than the previous model in all the key areas; performance is improved, yet both fuel economy and – crucially – emissions are reduced. Around half of D3 sales will be to business users – who will relish any opportunity to lower their personal benefit in kind charges'.