Mercedes presents the fabulous AMG Black Series Kleemann SL65

Posted on Monday, 23 March 2009 , 11:03:12 byEmil

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Mercedes presents the fabulous AMG Black Series Kleemann SL65

The Mercedes-Benz tuners (Danish), Kleemann have got their hands now on the fabulous SL65 AMG Black Series. Their ex therapy for all AMG 6.0 liter autos involved the 65-K1 wrap that raised the output from 627 HP right to 692 HP. So, having Mercedes’ debut of a V12 Black Series 670 HP, the tuners have decided they needed now something stronger. Kleemann raised the dosage making the 65-K2 kit, growing output to an amazing 720 HP. Thus turning those Black Series in some even more exclusive, final super auto.

The 65-K1 Kleemann set has been available at the moment for all 65 AMG vehicles for some years now, ensuring 692 HP if compared to the 627 HP - stock power. The recent SL 65 AMG Black Series introduction featuring its optimized powerplant V12 making 670 HP, was a temptation quite big for the guys at Kleemann ECU.

Following intense programming plus testing sessions, the all-new 65-K2 set was born, engine - 720 HP plus 1150 Nm (853 lb-ft). That extra strenght is delivered on a crisp plus in a lot more responsive way, bringing the auto the extra edge needed and the character wanted for th entry in the highly exclusive, ultimate supercars club.