Infiniti M hybrid model is coming next year

Posted on Tuesday, 24 March 2009 , 14:03:05 byEmil

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Infiniti M hybrid model is coming next year

Infiniti – Nissan’s brand pledged to offer exclusively hybrid cars within these upcoming 10 years, plus the 1st step in thE plan could reach our shores in 2010. Japan reports suggest Nissan will debut a brand new luxury-hybrid unit in the upcoming year.

Japan’s Nikkei states Nissan will introduce a hybrid variant of the next-gen Infiniti M in 2010 in the United States. A Nissan-badged variant of the auto – named the Fuga – will launch also next year in Japan.

Although Nissan is offering a hybrid variant of its Altima sedan model here in America, Nissan borrows the hybrid tech actually from cross-country competitor Toyota. But, this hybrid system revealed in 2010 will be developed completely by Nissan.

The M’s system (hybrid) is expected on spreading to other Infiniti units within the upcoming few years, plus could culminate on a production variant of the Essence car event.