Kia reveals its Forte LPI Hybrid

Posted on Wednesday, 25 March 2009 , 11:03:54 byEmil

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Kia reveals its Forte LPI Hybrid

Kia revealed recently its brand new Forte sedan model at the Auto Show in Chicago, but the Korean carmaker unveiled a more exciting variant of the Forte just presented n South Korea. Called Forte LPI Hybrid, this new unit intends to preview a global unit.

Forte LPI Hybrid - as its name implies, is using the same hybrid system debuted on the Hyundai Elantra last year. As such, this Forte LPI Hybrid is using a liquefied petroleum gas 1.6L engine, making 114 horsepower. An electric motor – powered by a battery pack (lithium polymer) — adds an extra 20 horsepower. The power is sent right to the wheels through a non-stop variable transmission.

Slight design cues, like the LED taillights, is setting this Forte Hybrid model apart from any other Forte autos. Kia is claiming the Forte LPI Hybrid's quite capable of around 40.5 mpg, that would put it right there, on pace with any other hybrid units on the market now. Kia says also the Forte LPI Hybrid's intended for markets worldwide, but remains to be seen in the near future if the market in America is included in the plans that Kia made.