Thailand Royal Family Takes Delivery of Second LCW Limousine

Posted on Friday, 27 March 2009 , 14:03:01 byEmil

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Thailand Royal Family Takes Delivery of Second LCW Limousine

A Limousine Built for a King

LCW Automotive Corp., worldwide manufacturer of limousines and custom-built luxury vehicles, completed its second Limousine for the Royal Family of Thailand in March.

The 24-inch stretch limousine was built on an LCW "CEO Series" platform, and featured a lavish array of personalized amenities. The roof of the car was raised three inches for additional headroom and longer doors were installed for the rear seating compartment, providing easier entry and egress.

The air craft composite long doors, flat floor and raised roof are a proprietary specialty of LCW.

Considered "short stretches" or "corporate" limousines, LCW`s CEO models range in size from 6 to 70 inches. The company "stretches" limousines up to 130 inches on the Cadillac DTS platform, or 120 inches with a Lincoln Town Car.

"Thailand`s Royal Family wanted a limousine that was discreet from the outside, but that featured maximum comfort and roominess for its passengers," explains Ken Boyar, the company`s CEO. "As soon as they saw our CEO models, it was just a matter of customizing one to their needs."

LCW specializes in stretching custom vehicles and customizing SUVs for high-profile clients around the world. The company has produced vehicles for countless celebrities, international heads of state and corporate executives.