Mitsubishi cuts the American workforce

Posted on Friday, 27 March 2009 , 14:03:17 byEmil

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Mitsubishi cuts the American workforce

In an effort of aligning better its operations in North America with declining demand, Friday Mitsubishi confirmed the 140 U.S. Jobs elimination. The job cuts majority came from the firm's Cypress, headquarters in California, leaving at that location just 390 employees.

Of these 140 cuts, 130 jobs came from the North American headquarters of Mitsubishi. The cut means 25 % of the headquarters' workers. The eliminations are from Mitsubishi’s credit and sales departments.

Mitsubishi explained in a letter to Automotive News these cuts are to 'ensure longevity in this challenging market. These actions will realign its infrastructure to correspond to a much smaller U.S. automotive market'. Mitsubishi’s sales in U.S. fell by 24.6 % last year, before the 18 % in red industry average. Mitsubishi closed earlier this month its design studio in California.