Volvo XC60 presented by Heico Sportive

Posted on Friday, 27 March 2009 , 13:03:14 byEmil

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Volvo XC60 presented by Heico Sportive

Heico Sportive - self-proclaimed home of Volvo's high-performance units... Nothing is more accurate on Volvo XC60 SUV for their take. Heico's focus: making this XC60 model a more appealing package - physically. From the aggressive front to the rear apron having quad tipped exhaust (integrated) everything on this Volvo car is quite an improvement. Heico created an auto purely for the show, so they have a few ECU bumping output new maps for the T6 factory all the way, right to 315 HP.

'Our inspiration and challenge focused on further accentuating the dynamic design of the crossover' says Holger Hedtke - HEICO SPORTIV general manager. 'The design elements dissolve smoothly into one another - the Volvo XC60 should appear as an integrated whole and evoke emotions'.

'Compared to the conventional process, this involves considerably more effort, but it also represents a USP vis-à-vis cheaper suppliers' says Alexander Lode - project manager. 'With this, we are fulfilling the high standards that have been expected of us since the start of our cooperation with Volvo'.

'We haven’t the slightest intention of changing the fundamental DNA of the Volvo XC60. By contrast, we regard our work as elegant style enhancement' Holger Hedtke says about the philosophy of HEICO SPORTIV.