Steve Mattin - Volvo designer resigns

Posted on Monday, 30 March 2009 , 04:03:10 byEmil

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Steve Mattin - Volvo designer resigns

Ford confirmed that Steve Mattin, design chief at Volvo, resigned from company position. Mattin had lot of influence on the C30 hatchback's design and was important in designing that XC60 sleek crossover unit, as well as that S60 Concept 2011. The news is coming amid a Ford raised effort to sell the carmaker from Sweden to another firm.

Details on the departure of Mattin haven't been disclosed yet. It is possible now he was quite unhappy with the firms list in the Volvo bidding field, or his leaving decision could be totally unrelated to the company sale.

Mattin joined the firm in 2005, right after 17 years working for Mercedes-Benz. He's well credited with numerous Mercedes design units, including S-, SL-, plus SLK-Class and... the exotic SLR car, the popular M-Class beast, the R-Class - controversial, and the Maybach 62 and 57.

With the new S60 full design, there is no doubt that it will hit the market like planned. But we don't known what other upcoming autos Mattin influenced, and if the design direction of the company will change now with his leaving.