The ZDX X6-fighter from Acura has now a name

Posted on Tuesday, 31 March 2009 , 05:03:24 byEmil

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The ZDX X6-fighter from Acura has now a name

Acura announced yesterday its all-new luxury crossover unit — designed to rival with BMW X6 — called ZDX. So, expected to be in NY, shown in a form of prototype next week at the Auto Show, the ZDX unit will be entering production in the fall.

The trend - 'four-door coupe' spread quickly via the luxury sedan department following the Mercedes CLS debut, and it appears as though that CUV zone is the upcoming frontier for all the luxury carmakers. 'The ZDX prototype is unlike anything you have ever seen before from Acura' affirmed Jeff Conrad, the vice president at Acura sales. 'The prototype showcases a new level of luxury, style and refinement for Acura and speaks volumes towards our commitment to advancing the brand'.

Made on the exact same platform like Acura MDX, the car being created by engineers at the assembly Honda factory in Ontario, Alliston. The prototypes were spotted last time undergoing the cold weather in western Canada testing. The ZDX prototype unit will be debuted at the International Auto Show in New York at 11:00 a.m. on 8th of April, 2009, on the booth of Acura.