Japanese carmakers concerned about GM, Chrysler

Posted on Tuesday, 31 March 2009 , 07:03:55 byEmil

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Japanese carmakers concerned about GM, Chrysler

The carmakers from Asia have agreed repeatedly that a failure at 1 or all of the Big Three carmakers in Detroit would send some shockwaves on the global all-new auto industry because important suppliers from North America would fail ultimately without their GM, Chrysler and Ford contracts.

'A healthy U.S. auto industry is in the best interests of everyone' affirmed Alan Buddendeck, the corporate vice president in global communications for Nissan, reported to the Associated Press.

'I think it will be best if General Motors is able to continue its operations' Katsuaki Watanabe (pictured) Toyota president told the reporters in the previous week when he was asked if he's concerned the Detroit beast could be forced now to bankruptcy. 'There surely has to be light at the end of the tunnel' Watanabe added. 'I want the decline to stop, and I’m watching closely for it every month, but it’s not coming'.