Chrysler warranties, U.S. government backing GM

Posted on Tuesday, 31 March 2009 , 12:03:50 byEmil

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Chrysler warranties, U.S. government backing GM

Future and present owners of Chrysler and General Motors autos don't need to worry about upcoming warranty coverage, says the administration of Obama. Buried in the car restructuring plan (task force) is a section called 'Warranty Commitment Program' that promises coverage warranty for any failed domestic products.

The program's designed for encouraging customers to keep buying Chrysler and GM autos. 'No American should worry in buying a car from Chrysler, GM over this next period of time' an unnamed official (Obama administration) reported to the Associated Press. The official continued saying the administration has now no price estimate for the 'Warranty Commitment Program'.

The provision (interestingly) appears to cover the Ford Motor Company too, despite that Ford isn’t asking at the moment for government's help. The provision says the warranty program action would become available to every domestic carmaker.