Wheelsandmore presenting Mercedes-Benz CL 45 2009

Posted on Friday, 3 April 2009 , 08:04:25 byEmil

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Wheelsandmore presenting Mercedes-Benz CL 45 2009

The Wheelsandmore (German tuners) have stepped up in the game modifying the CL 500 from Mercedes Benz. Output of the car's V8 it's raised to 450 HP, all this thanks to the custom made exhaust of four in one headers, catalytic sport converters plus an ECU - reprogrammed. Putting the strength to the pavement with a wide TS-1 10.5 inch Ultralight Forged alloys set.

The German Wheelsandmore shows again that they all are playing on the highest league with the ultimate spectacular C45L auto. The serial strength from this CL 500 by Mercedes is for the best, most sportive car drivers, it's much to less. Wheelsandmore will make a tuning wrap for the sportscoupe. V-max abilition - performance of the auto up to 450 hp on 575lb-ft. A special system of exhaust featuring sport 100cells catalysts, four in one manifold plus a controlled valve rear silencer having serial end tips mixed with the ECU update, making it responsible for all the incremental strength.

With the electronic lowering module LowMaXX the appearance of the auto and the setup suspension is getting sportier by the minute and... by the power raise. Finishing this project the team took the popular TS-1 Ultralight Forged Wheeldesign in special sizes, like this: 9,5 + 10,5x21 having 255/30/21 tires and Dunlop Sportmaxx - 285/30/21. All Wheelsandmore-rims are from stainless outer steel rims, high gloss centers and customized exactly as the client desires.`