Honda has no plans involving cheaper Insight

Posted on Monday, 6 April 2009 , 05:04:35 byEmil

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Honda has no plans involving cheaper Insight

Despite the bid of Toyota for undercutting the new Insight hybrid by Honda with cheaper variants of its well known Prius, Honda affirms it hasn't plans for getting into a cost battle with the cross-country competitor. Honda Insight has been in the market only for a couple of weeks – even less in the U.S., here – but is outpassing already the sales predictions.

Takeo Fukui - Honda president President reported to Automotive News his firm isn't interested to get into a hybrid cost fight with Toyota. 'I don’t think that would be meaningful to do so' Fukui stated about this proposition. So, there aren't any plans for some cheaper Insight version.

Toyota hasn't priced its 3rd-gen Prius for America, but the estimation is the well known hybrid will be retailing from about 22,000 Dollars. Or, Honda Insight costing begins at under 20,000 Dollars (destination not included) and it's topping out only above 23,000 Dollars completely loaded. Toyota plans on selling its present-gen Prius right near to the next-generation auto at a Japanese discount, but will see if Toyota will be employing a strategy like this in America.