Mercedes debuting the ML hybrid production at the New York show

Posted on Monday, 6 April 2009 , 09:04:33 byEmil

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Mercedes debuting the ML hybrid production at the New York show

After the spoiled supplier issue its ML hybrid's 1st attempt, Mercedes-Benz will show the production variant of its ML450 Hybrid model in NY next week at the Auto Show. So, the ML450 Hybrid unit is set for joining the other hybrid of Mercedes, the S400 BlueHybrid unit, later this year in showrooms.

Based on that 2007 concept, ML450 Hybird will be offering V8 performance returning over 30 mpg. Some earlier indications show the ML hybrid unit would be using a V6 3.0L diesel, but the ML450 Hybrid will be using the same V6 3.5L gas used in S400 BlueHybrid. On hybrid-guise S400, that 3.5L produces 279 horsepower, helped by a twenty electric horsepower motor.

Whatever powertrain will have, the ML hybrid unit will present a stop/start high tech and the ability of running on just its electric power. The lithium-ion batteries bring power to the electric motor's SUV. Its electric motor model will be adding another 118 lb-ft torque, that should truly give this SUV a V8-touch. Check back in a few days for more info and live photos of the fabulous ML450 Hybrid.