NY previews Yukon Denali GMC Hybrid

Posted on Tuesday, 7 April 2009 , 11:04:00 byEmil

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NY previews Yukon Denali GMC Hybrid

GM decided on expanding its powertrain hybrid across 1 more member from the complete-size SUV plus pickup area, the luxury-laden Yukon Denali Hybrid GMC. Set to be revealed to the public at the NY International Auto Show later this week, this Yukon Denali Hybrid has a position as the flagship unit in the lineup for GMC.

Identical (mechanically) to the newly-revealed Escalade Platinum Hybrid by Cadillac - the top-end unit from the Escalade lineup - the basic Yukon Hybrid as well, Yukon Denali Hybrid is receiving the carmaker’s V8 6.0-liter having Active Fuel Management cylinder turn-off and 2 electric motors wrapped in transmission, able to power the electronics of the SUV on stop and on low speeds. This Hybrid has a CVT, not a traditional transmission. Now, GMC affirmes the Yukon Denali Hybrid unit can reach up to twenty-one mpg in town.

Luxury: 22-inch alloy wheels, heated, cooled twelve-way power leather seats (front) and interior accommodations. 3 options available: power moonroof, DVD entertainment system on the rear-seat and alert mirrors - side blind zone.

GMC states the Yukon Denali Hybrid unit will retail for 59,185 Dollars for a 2-wheel-drive version and 62,030 Dollars for all-wheel-drive unit, including the 950 Dollars destination feed, when it will be on sale in the upcoming month. That represents 7,300 Dollars premium over non-Hybrid car, achieving 12 mpg in town - 17 mpg on highway with the V8 366-horse 6.0-liter.