The fabulous Range Rover 2010

Posted on Wednesday, 8 April 2009 , 20:04:14 byEmil

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The fabulous Range Rover 2010

The look of Range Rover is timeless. Its original design, for 26 years, lasted relatively untainted, and the reason it was redone now for the 3rd gen was for getting the design of the RR back to the original look. So when important updates out here are announced for next year, pay attention.

The facelift has a rechanged bumper - relocated fog lamps, all-new grille, headlamps. British - simple elegance. GPS navigation system. Thin Film Transistor screen - organizing better the driver information. Enlarged, new V8 5.0-liter engine taken from Jaguar. 375 hp or 510 hp - supercharged - a 75 hp plus 110 hp bump well over the last engine lineup.

'The 2010 Range Rover is a considerable step forward for what is already regarded as the one of the world’s most complete luxury vehicles. New engines deliver formidable power, efficiency and customary Range Rover refinement, and new technologies, such as the 12" TFT instrument cluster. The 2010 Range Rover remains the benchmark and continues to set the pace in its segment' says Phil Popham, the Land Rover Managing Director.

'The new display technology used by the 2010 Range Rover is a major advance. It gives us tremendous flexibility in presenting information, so that the driver gets precisely the data they require, in all driving conditions' explains Nick Rogers, the Chief Engineer, New Vehicle Architecture.

'The Range Rover remains the consummate luxury SUV . Its combination of unrivalled all-terrain performance with the ultimate in comfort and refinement, remains a clear industry benchmark' affirms Phil Popham.

'Both versions of the V8 return impressive levels of power and torque combined with optimized fuel consumption and emissions – the supercharged 5.0-liter engine is one of the most fuel efficient in its class. As well as stunning top-end performance, they also deliver the low-end flexibility essential for real-world driving'. stated Malcolm Sandford, the Engine Group Chief Engineer, Land Rover.

'We have introduced a number of more contemporary design elements on the 2010 Range Rover, but have been careful not to disturb the vehicle’s classic proportions and unique silhouette. The refined detailing and cleaner surfaces of the 2010 model retain the timeless and noble qualities which are traditional hallmarks of Range Rover design' Design Director, Gerry McGovern.

'The technologies built into the 2010 Range Rover are designed to improve convenience and safety, reducing the stress of driving in modern motoring conditions, on all terrains. With technology sharing the workload, the result is a more relaxed, alert driver' Paul Walker, the Chief Program Engineer.