Mercedes shows off its S-Class 2010

Posted on Thursday, 9 April 2009 , 09:04:36 byEmil

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Mercedes shows off its S-Class 2010

Not a part of the festivities in the New York Auto Show, but this updated Mercedes S-Class unit makes its debut. S-Class is the high-tech flagship for Mercedes, and lots of times upcoming S-Class cars premiering are innovations usually that will become part of every auto in the next decades. The exterior gets minor changes only but for the 2010 unit year, what's under the skin is what's important.

Its engine lineup will have exactly the same 4 carryover units: V8 382-hp S550, 510-hp V12 S600, 604-hp V12 S65 AMG and 518-hp V8 S63 AMG. An interesting, brand new V6 gas model being added on the lower end. The S400 Hybrid is taking Mercedes V6 275 hp 3.5-liter and mixes it with a battery pack - lithium-ion, that gives up a twenty hp boost. This S400 car should have a mixed 29 mpg fuel economy.

The all-new S-Class will begin in June European Sales and will be by August in the U.S. 'The S 400 HYBRID is an important milestone on the way to emission-free mobility' notes Dr Dieter Zetsche, the CEO of Daimler AG, head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. 'Our first series production hybrid car exemplifies Mercedes-Benz’s long-standing development strategy geared towards sustainability, with its clearly defined aim of producing economical and environment-friendly premium cars without compromising on safety, comfort and superior performance'.

'Similarly to the established Mercedes inventions ABS, ESP®, Brake Assist and PRE-SAFE®, the new assistance systems are also geared to the realities of how accidents occur and what consequences they entail' says Dr. Thomas Weber, board member of management at Daimler AG, responsible for corporate research, development of Mercedes-Benz Cars. 'The aim in developing these systems was to prevent particularly common and serious collisions. With this concept, the S-Class not only protects its own occupants but also plays a key role in enhancing safety for other motorists' adds Dr. Weber.