Hyundai and its wonderful Nuvis 2009

Posted on Sunday, 12 April 2009 , 07:04:17 byEmil

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Hyundai and its wonderful Nuvis 2009

Treat Nuvis by Hyundai like a hidden 3D image picture. Look now at everything a bit out of focus, so, squint the eyes, look at the upcoming Hyundai crossover autos.

Premiering at the Auto Show New York, the Nuvis is showing the styling way, direction, used on upcoming refreshes to cars likes the Tucson, Veracruz and Santa Fe. Just like the concept Blue-Will, the Nuvis model is a showcase for the Blue Drive hybrid system of Hyundai. The concept runs with a Theta II 2.4-liter engine fitted to an automatic six-speed transmission plus an electric 40 hp (205 N-m) motor. 'Our goal was to create a living machine, constantly moving, that the driver and passengers could be part of' affirmed John Krsteski, the Hyundai Design manager. 'There are no lines on or in this car that are standing still'.

But you won't see the Nuvis unit on the streets, at least not soon. The flowing lines of the care are attractive, but the gullwing doors and the limited 4 seating makes Nuvis more of an exercise of styling than an upcoming production auto. 'One of the coolest attributes of Nuvis is that the protective roof appears to float on top of the body through the use of hidden pillars and high-contrast glass' affirmed Andre Hudson, the Hyundai senior designer. 'This effect starts at the headlamps and is carried all the way through to the taillights producing a tall, strong body-side and rear'.