Jaguar XJ present-generation, Volvo S60 unit discontinued

Posted on Monday, 13 April 2009 , 20:04:38 byEmil

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Jaguar XJ present-generation, Volvo S60 unit discontinued

The present Volvo S60 and Jaguar XJ have a lot in common. Both were debuted under Ford's Premier Auto Group - now-defunct. Both controversial at that — the S60 unit gave Volvo an all-new language of design, while the XJ retro took Jag in a time warp. They both are more than little stale now. They’re about to be both replaced by sleek brand new successors. And now have been discontinued officially to make way for brand new units.

The last S60 model rolled off that Volvo Cars Ghent assembly line on 31st of March. The ultimate auto, Sapphire Black painted, was destined for a Taiwan customer. So, between 2000 and 2009, the factory made of 578,292 units of the S60. The factory is preparing now to build the Volvo S60 2011, that will be in production next year.

'The Volvo S60 was an important model for Volvo Cars Gent' affirmed Derek Jessiman, the Volvo Cars Ghent managing director. 'Now we will focus on a flawless launch of the new S60'.