Musk trashes columnist NYT, guarantees deposits for Tesla

Posted on Monday, 13 April 2009 , 10:04:29 byEmil

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Musk trashes columnist NYT, guarantees deposits for Tesla

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors CEO take the time usually to provide detailed responses to the company's criticisms technologies or business model. But his frustration involving Randall Stross – columnist of New York Times to some name-calling (rather humorous). Musk reported to Sarah Lacy of Tech Ticker Stross from Yahoo, is a 'huge douchebag, and an idiot'. In the separate interview with Kevin Pollack talk show host on the internet, Musk affirmed the deposits placed on Model S are quite safe, and he will guarantee them personally.

Stross wrote a column (controversial) for NYT criticizing the request of Tesla for under 1.5 %, 350 million, of the 25 billion Dollars Department of Energy program of loan for energy efficient carmakers. The Times retracted later the column, but nothing before it received important exposure online.

'Why would he pick on the little guy who’s trying to do good when you’ve got egregious waste of money in the tens of billions occurring in Detroit?' asked Musk. 'He should understand that when you have a new technology it takes time to optimize it'.
'Effectively what he would be saying is if you can’t immediately make a new technology affordable to everyone, then you shouldn’t do it. That’s ridiculous' he continued.

'And this is the problem that GM is going to see with the Volt. They’re having trouble bringing the cost of that car below $40,000. And that’s problematic when you’re talking about a car that is essentially intended to compete against gasoline cars in the $25,000 to $35,000 range'.

'The plan of action was and is to produce an expensive car in low volume, then a medium cost car in medium volume, and then a lower cost car in high volume. That was my plan from the beginning and that remains the plan today' Musk said. 'The overarching point of Tesla is to accelerate the electric car revolution' he said.

'I’m personally standing behind the reservation payments' he said. 'If anyone is concerned about us going out of business, the only thing you should worry about is if I get hit by a bus' he joked.