GM doubling by 2013 China sales

Posted on Tuesday, 14 April 2009 , 10:04:23 byEmil

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GM doubling by 2013 China sales

GM' U.S. sales crumbles under bankruptcy, but this Detroit-based carmaker is doing still quite well on the Chinese territory. GM was the 1st carmaker selling more than one million cars in China over just 1 year, plus will look on doubling that mark by the upcoming-decade.

Reuters said GM is planning to sell annually two million cars in China, this by 2013. GM will be using the debut of 30 updated or new units over the future five-year to reach that goal. GM done quite well so far on this year in China, selling 363,701 models through March. This’ up 16.8 % from the past year; it makes China GM’s 2nd biggest market.

However, a big slice of new auto sales this year in China can be linked directly to the incentive plans of the government. We will see if the demand can be really sustained at the same level once the bolstering of the government's pulled. The biggest Chinese rival of GM, Volkswagen, is planning to sell two million cars by 2018 in China annually.