Mazda offers by 2015 hybrids, EVs

Posted on Tuesday, 14 April 2009 , 12:04:51 byEmil

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Mazda offers by 2015 hybrids, EVs

Mazda revealed recently it was working on a brand new area of clean diesels, reducing its overall emission with 30 % by 2015, but the automaker in Japan announced its next lineup will include also electric vehicles and hybrids.

Mazda stated originally that it didn't plan on offering an electric vehicle or a hybrid before 2016 (the Tribute Hybrid only), but Takashi Yamanouchi Mazda CEO reported to Automotive News at the Auto Show in New York that the carmaker will have the electrified cars by 2015 in its lineup. Yamanouchi did not mention exactly in what year will launch Mazda its new fuel efficient cars range.

Yamanouchi unveil also that Mazda will reveal soon a brand new fuel efficient gas plus diesel engines range. 'Our new gasoline engines will achieve the same fuel economy as current diesel engines, and our diesel engines will achieve similar fuel economy as existing hybrids' he affirmed. The new tech will rise at Tokyo Motor Show this year.

The new engine tech of Mazda will not at all be shared with the Ford company, but Yamanouchi affirms the all-new powerfactories will be affordable then for '90 percent of the car-buying public'. Yamanouchi will agree to sell Mazda’s brand new engine tech to Ford.