50,000 pre-orders for E-Class from Mercedes

Posted on Tuesday, 14 April 2009 , 20:04:59 byEmil

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50,000 pre-orders for E-Class from Mercedes

The all-new sedan E-Class from Mercedes-Benz might not have reached even the dealerships yet in the home country – it will be soon there - but the carmaker says it received almost 50,000 pre-orders good for its midsize sedan model across the world. The North American E-Class-specification will be this summer on sale in both sedan and coupe forms.

A wagon variant is expected to be revealed soon, that should only be adding to the pre-orders number given that version’s popularity in the European territory.

Mercedes sold around 1.5 million wagons and sedans E-Class during the ex gen’s production lineup run, that lasted from 2003 unit year through this year (the beginning).