The A4 allroad from Audi is coming to America

Posted on Friday, 17 April 2009 , 01:04:44 byEmil

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The A4 allroad from Audi is coming to America

It wasn't a surprise at all when Audi confirmed on the Motor Show in Geneva that its A4 allroad wagon/crossover wouldn't be a part of the American lineup. The A6 allroad failure and the limited market seemed like the easy decision keeping the auto off the wagon-fearing North American shores. But now Subaru has a brand new Outback coming up, so everything it may very well be changing.

'The Truth About Cars' poses a source in North American Audi who affirmed 'Audi believes there’s a large number of U.S. Outback owners who’re tired of the brand. Customers who want the same sort of vehicle, only better'. Now that A4 allroad maybe in the showrooms in the U.S. in September.

Audi is selling the A4 allroad in the European territory beginning at 37,100 Euro (about 49K Dollars at direct present rates), and this current Outback model is starting at 22,295 Dollars. Subaru sold last year 44,280 Outback units, so is the market large enough for... Audi skimming the cream right off the top? We'll see...