All about Corvette 999hp Z03

Posted on Friday, 17 April 2009 , 06:04:28 byEmil

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All about Corvette 999hp Z03

Has your Z06 Corvette become ordinary? Hmmm, for about 50% the cost of a brand new auto, Ugur Sahin Design & Mallett Cars now can give it as much horsepower almost as a Bugatti Veyron model.

The upgrades are in stages. For 32,700 Dollars (not including the donor auto), the 505 hp Z06's engine is supercharged now to 700 hp; 35,795 Dollars buys some twin-turbo wrap yielding 999 hp; and 69,000 Dollars will be transforming the look of Corvette into a 'Z03' having the complete body wrap. There are lots of tuners providing enough forced air, blowing everything off the track, plus most will blow the engine also. Mallett Cars is guaranteeing the twin-turbo 999 hp for 24,000 miles or 2 years.

For engine tuning and fabrication of the Corvette limited series Ugur Sahin Design teamed up now with Mallett Cars from Berea, Ohio. This Mallett Cars has quite a long history involving racing Corvette units and Mallett brothers tuned, upgraded hundreds Corvettes these years.

The conversion pricing of your Corvette Z06 or C6 into a Mallett Z03 USD is set at 69.000 Dollars for the complete bodywork conversion with paintwork reference class. Pricing doesn't include price of that donor car, supplied by the client. The Mallett Z03 - available with 2 optional performance wraps based on the LS7 engines by GM, a 700 hp conversion supercharged and a twin turbo 999 hp conversion.