GM, Ford quality is surpassing Honda

Posted on Friday, 17 April 2009 , 14:04:38 byEmil

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GM, Ford quality is surpassing Honda

Domestic carmaker quality - for Ford and General Motors at least - reaches almost-Toyota levels, this according to the new quality initial study at Michigan-based RDA Group. So, during the 1st 3 months ownership, GM and Ford placed 3rd and 2nd, respectively, right behind Toyota, at a 'things gone wrong' survey during the 1st 3 months ownership this year. Honda scored 4th.

This study was Ford commissioned for internal benchmarking, and not purposes of marketing. The carmaker says the RDA Group gets paid producing accurate, real data. The 3 domestic brands by Ford mixed for a 1,228 average 'things gone wrong' per 1,000 autos during the 1st quarter of the present year, a roughly five % improvement from the previous year.

Toyota and Honda did tie for 1st on 'overall satisfaction' looking at client satisfaction, this besides the quality. So, Ford finished 2nd with 79 % satisfaction, this while Toyota and Honda tied having 81 % satisfaction.