Ford Mustang is turning 45

Posted on Friday, 17 April 2009 , 18:04:03 byEmil

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Ford Mustang is turning 45

Today we celebrate an important milestone for Ford Mustang as the pony cars (original) turns 45. So, Ford unleashed this Mustang in 1964, April 17th, in New York at the World's Fair. Since that debut, Ford sold over nine million Mustang models, including 410,000 on the 1st production year.

Ford will be holding the biggest birthday celebration for Mustang in Birmingham, Alabama; over 2,500 Mustang fans are expected to be there. Included in these 2,500 attendees are 9 original owners (the 1st-gen Mustang), including Phil Florio - Summerfield, in Florida. 'People come up to the car and they don’t believe that I’m the original owner' said Florio said. 'I knew from day one that it was going to be a very special vehicle'.

Although 1st-gen Mustangs are quite often referred like a 1964 ½ unit year, every early autos are 1965 models technically. However, this so-called ½ cars 1964 – made in April - August 1964 – used a V8 260 plus a generator whereas vehicles made from September on modified to a V8 289 plus a typical alternator. Mustang, happy 45th!