Volkswagen R units may come to America

Posted on Monday, 20 April 2009 , 06:04:30 byEmil

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Volkswagen R units may come to America

Do not get so excited by this headline. VW is developing this Golf R20 unit with eyes on the American market, but this is not the involve R Line. Instead it's all about appearance wrap autos like Tiguan R Line.

This R Line Tiguan has a sportier design featuring 18" or 19" wheels, lowered wheelbase, matte chrome highlights, small spoiler right above the window on rear. Steve Keyes - VW of America spokesman reported to the Inside Lines, 'The R Line Tiguan is under consideration but no decision at this time'.

If this Tiguan variant makes it up here, that may open the door also for the other R Line vehicles from the in-house customizers of the brand, Volkswagen Individual. Promising, but the estimated 36K Dollars starting cost for a R Line in U.S. would be probably a bit high for a auto that's available only with a 2.0-liter 200 hp turbocharged 4 cylinder engine.