Ferrari California shows up

Posted on Tuesday, 21 April 2009 , 06:04:06 byEmil

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Ferrari California shows up

In an revealing befit (championship racer) this Coral Gables based auto dealership, The Collection, it shows off the final Maranello offering. Ken Gorin - CEO and President of the super vehicle dealership was just smiles moments before telling his men in black costumes to pull the covers out on the Ferrari California 2009.

The sports car Italian comes with a 4.3 liter V8, front-midship mounted, the same power factory that's on F-430 plus changes gears, this thanks to a seven speed transaxle paddle shifted. The California unit is stunning on the exterior too, looking much better in person, real... The headlights, numerous LEDs... making a modern look for the Ferrari (classically named). Unique to California: over under tips of exhaust, a design cue possibly for the upcoming Ferrari autos.

So, if you missed this event, you'll have most likely to wait right until California goes in September on sale for some other opportunity seeing in person this red beauty, quite a beast, in fire, just waiting for you...