GM cuts 1,600 jobs

Posted on Tuesday, 21 April 2009 , 14:04:17 byEmil

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GM cuts 1,600 jobs

Fritz Henderson - GM CEO unveiled last week: more job cuts will come for the automaker from Detroit, having more details on the way. The latest cut of jobs will help ailing the carmaker reaching its goal: viability (long-term) by the 1st of June.

The Detroit News says GM will be cutting other 1,600 employees during the upcoming days. No other details were available, but it looks like all 1,600 cut of jobs will come from the salaried workers at GM. In all, General Motors is planning to cut by the end of this year 47,000 jobs, including those 3,400 salaried work cuts began previous month.

These latest cuts are part of the revised viability plan of GM, due to the government in America by 1st of June. If General Motors fails meeting the deadline, Obama could be forcing the carmaker payback its 13.4 billion Dollars in government loans, forcing General Motors into bankruptcy.