Buick Business Concept is... revealed

Posted on Wednesday, 22 April 2009 , 06:04:57 byEmil

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Buick Business Concept is... revealed

China - the most important Buick market. It not just sells more autos in Orient, more than here obviously, but... unloved by America. Terraza minivan - a real hit there also. So this year at the Auto Show in Shanghai it unveiled a special auto with influence from China, called... Buick Business Concept.

Why a MPV is shown like a business auto? Unlike in America where the minivans are the soccer field shame, their size means prestige in China. So, this is a good thing for minivans. Its flowing lines - reminiscent of Mazda Biante.

For the minivan fans, this may be closest you get to the Buick. Although the plans of production/distribution haven't been announced yet, it is likely that it will not be a GM world auto. 'The Business Concept Vehicle has a grand presence and makes a strong statement when it pulls up to the front of any establishment' said Ed Welburn, the GM Vice President - Global Design. 'The Chinese market and business person have some unique requirements. Our team has responded with an elegant solution to their business and personal needs'.

'This vehicle was inspired by the grace and gesture of great Buicks. PATAC designers have cleverly incorporated other design cues from traditional Chinese art, such as applying a huiwen motif on the turn signals and fog lamps' Cao Min stated.

'Through deep burgundy suede carpet, high-quality leather interior decoration with liuli and soft, ice blue ambient lighting, we wanted to create a mobile VIP lounge for passengers' said Cao Min.

'The design of the vehicle inherits Buick’s vision for business class on the road, creating a sense that space means possibility' said Cao Min said.

'Developing and launching the Business Concept Vehicle in China underscores the diversity, strength and depth of GM’s global design network' Welburn affirmed.'It also reflects PATAC’s growing role within the GM design family and China’s significance as the world’s largest Buick market'.