Toyota predicts 12 % drop production for fiscal year

Posted on Wednesday, 22 April 2009 , 23:04:43 byEmil

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Toyota predicts 12 % drop production for fiscal year

Toyota says its production will be dropping off around 12 % between the present and this fiscal year that's ending upcoming March. The Japanese carmaker, struggling a lot like any other in the worldwide sales slump, he predicts it will produce around 6.2 million cars in its assembly plants all over the world.

The Japanese newspaper Yomiuri - reports the production is not likely to overtop 12,000 cars - the minimum quantity required for the carmaker to make a profit in the operations back home - until October. A spokesperson from Toyota would neither confirm nor deny the report.

So, Toyota will be cutting its production in Japan about 30 % - the lowest point since 1978. The production in the other markets out there will not be affected that much, though... Toyota has not announced the predictions officially.