Jaguar is showing off its fabulous RSR XKR GT2

Posted on Friday, 24 April 2009 , 14:04:06 byEmil

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Jaguar is showing off its fabulous RSR XKR GT2

We didn't have any complaints at the time when we saw the all-new V8 from Jaguar on the track, racing, so it's really no surprise an amazing, full-on raceauto is making the grand debut. RSR (Rocketsports Racing) unveiled the racing car XKR GT2 competing on American Le Mans Series.

The Jag will be taking on autos like Aston Martin Vantage GT2 and Corvette C6R GT2. Meaning although the RSR will use the naturally aspirated variant of the V8 5.0-liter, the engine unit will likely be changed, making over 385 hp it vehicles like 2010 XK.'It has been difficult to be out of competitive racing for nearly a year' affirmed Paul Gentilozzi, RSR team owner. 'We are most fortunate to be able to return to what we know, winning sportscar championships. In particular, winning them in Jaguars. We haven’t spent our time idly; we’ve focused on engineering and construction of the Jaguar XKR. The luxury of time that we traditionally don’t have in this process has been a great asset. We feel like our work with both the ALMS and the ACO will give us a car that is number one: competitive on the track, number two: representative of Jaguar’s racing history, and number three: economically viable for customers in the GT2 series around the world'.

This XKR GT2 unit will not be available, ready for racing until the summer and will run only a partial 2009 season. Even if it's a contender in 2009, this is a practice run only, for 2010. 'The addition of Rocketsports Racing and Jaguar XKR speaks volumes about the status of the American Le Mans Series' affirmed Scott Atherton, the President and CEO of the leading sports auto series in the world. 'Not only does the Series add another prestigious automobile brand to its already world class lineup of manufacturers, but the fact that this addition occurs during such a challenging time in our industry makes the announcement truly significant. Paul Gentilozzi is one of the most experienced and qualified people in motorsports and his decision to bring Rocketsports and the Jaguar brand into the American Le Mans Series at this time is the best endorsement we could ask for'.